Official Selection for Online Presence Initiative



 Official Selection





Eastern Sierra Connect Regional Broadband Consortium (ESCRBC) is proud to announce the selection following the call for RFP and RFQ for its Online Presence Initiative (see for more information).

Each selected business has been assigned a selected web professional.

Each business will enter into a Memorandum of Understanding with ESCRBC.

Each web professional will be awarded a $1000 contract with ESCRBC.


Local Business

Web Professional


Linda’s Cakes n’ Things

Slick Fish


The Dressing Room

Slick Fish


Astorga’s Mexican Restaurant

Mountain Studio


Allen Outdoor/Sierra Saddlery And Feed

Nils Davis Design


Bishop Tax

Troy creative


New-Cali Landscapes



ESCRBC expects to build case studies following this initiative, and report outcomes to consequent meetings.

Please do not hesitate if you have any suggestion to improve Broadband adoption in eastern Sierra. We would love to hear from you!


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